Pest Prevention Programmes

Preventing pests from damaging your business

ALPHAKILL Environmental Services Pest Control contracts provide peace of mind with planned routine visits and emergency call-outs all tailored to the needs of your business.

Legislation has increased the awareness for the need for preventive pest control and management to maintain a pest free environment for your business. And to prevent contamination from rodents and insects that can spread disease, damage produce, electrical wiring and most importantly your reputation.

commercial pest control

The Food Safety Act emphasises ‘due diligence’ under risk assessment – this is where you have shown all possible reasonable precautions has been taken. Your Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will be far more content knowing that you are being proactive by investing in a pest prevention contract.

Whatever type of business you are, whatever service you need, ALPHAKILL Environmental Services offer:

  • Regular Routine Inspections – Based on 6, 8 or 12 scheduled visits per year
  • “Premier Reporting” Systems – A full and comprehensive reporting system which include: Service treatment reports, Cossh Assessments, Bait location maps and all relevant paperwork needed to comply with current legislation.
  • Bait Stations and monitoring traps – All supplied free within the cost of service
  • Electronic Fly Killers – Servicing of EFK units and replacing U.V. tubes annually as part of a service contract agreement or as a stand alone service
  • Free Call-outs – For all pests covered by the service contract agreement

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If you are looking for a pest control company that takes care of your long term pest management requirements (prevention and removal) in the future with a flexible pest control contract please call Tony on 01483 235337.

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